a homebody

A person who likes to stay at home, especially one who is perceived as unadventurous; needs nothing and no one.  You know those people with an insatiable need for productivity? The people that will wake up at 6 am no matter what day it is and run three marathons before you get a chance to... Continue Reading →


Don’t resist.

Nothing inherently good is satisfying. I'm sorry but an apple will never beat chocolate. Constructing a healthy stable relationship will never be as exciting as finally kissing the one person you weren't allowed to. We live a life of temptation. Everything we do, or actually don't do, is a result of constructed rules we've told... Continue Reading →

Just your typical thank you post

Congrats all, we've resuscitated.  We finally got a week. To eat, think, shop, procrastinate, then catch up, and sleep. I mean sure, I guess you could say holidays like Thanksgiving are about "tradition" and "family." But in my head, holidays exist for an all-too-necessary mental break. Thanksgiving was for ME. I said thank you to... Continue Reading →

Thank u, babes

Y'all, I'm sick. Most of my friends know already because I am the biggest baby about it. I used to never get sick (*knock on wood* --- oh wait, its too late). This past weekend was spent being an unproductive member of society, unless watching Christmas movies on Netflix fueling the economy in a significant... Continue Reading →

Doing the Little Things

You have to make yourself happy. Not an easy task. Of course, you recruit others in life to help out with the occasional smile, but most of your happiness is in your hands. There's no secret to being happy. I think sometimes people are raised happy by happy parents and spread more happy as they... Continue Reading →

Fork You!

Stop using plastic for everything. Buy a reusable water bottle. Use your dishwasher once a year. Mop instead of throwing paper towels at a puddle. Get one real fork, knife and spoon; they take about 23 seconds to wash. Switch your daily's to bi-weekly contacts. Save money! Don't litter. You don't have to give the... Continue Reading →

Be a follower

When I was about 8 years old, I walked like a crow and as a result my mother put me into ballroom dancing. Holding hands with boys was the epitome of cooties, but the routines were enjoyable. Like every average child, I got bored after a few years and picked up a tennis racket, which... Continue Reading →

How to Halloween

I feel slightly obligated to write about the most beloved holiday of my generation. In our minds this day holds the promise of free candy, which is why we happily reminisce each year. A few traumatic Halloweens ago, the "Get off my lawn!" oldies made me feel bad about trick-or-treating as a teenager. Listen oldies.... Continue Reading →

Dear writer

How are you so good at what you do? I don't distinctively consider myself a writer, but I do understand the common writer's frustration: the desire to instantaneously produce amazing writing. I know its a process that I have to learn and practice but I'm impatient (I can't even lick a lollipop instead of biting... Continue Reading →

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